Boulder Elementary School Library Catalog

Boulder Elementary School is in the process of reorganizing its library using the Metis Innovations as a guideline.  

Metis Innovations was designed to encourage productive independent browsing by children, as well as allowing for successful catalog searching by elementary students.  The goal is for a more user friendly library for younger students and to increase circulation of all books and materials.  

During the reorganization of the library, an online catalog will be created using Koha which will allow the Boulder Community to easily know what resources are available in our library as well as track checked out materials.  

Boulder Elementary School is also in the process of working with the Boulder Town Library to organize the children’s section using the same created catalog system.  

This project came to fruition after Elizabeth Julian read the article, “Are Dewy’s Days Numbered?: Libraries Nationwide Are Ditching the Old Classification System in the School Library Journal.  She then contacted the librarians at the Ethical Cultural Fieldston School, a private preschool through fifth grade school in New York City who created Metis Innovations.  The project is being implemented using funding from School Land Trust and many dedicated Boulder community volunteers.